Life Goal

To be a real life Lucius Fox. His golden hands turn any withering business to fruition, and in turn that sponsors a good cause.

MBTI Result

Extraverted 95%                       Feeling 74%

Intuition 79%                             Perceiving 63%

Inspirational Figures

Bill Gates : Important figure in computing industry, later became one of the largest charity donor in the world.

Soe Hoek Gie : Chinese Indonesian with mysterious death, known for his open but peaceful opposition to the tyrannical New Order.

Pope Francis  : Rejuvenated the face of Catholic Church through unorthodox thinking and actions.

Fictional Heroes

Green Arrow - Started as a rich guy, but found his heroic path through an unfortunate event that forced him to work outside the comfort zone.

Green Lantern - Guy next door that got chosen for his strong willpower, which can be manifested to help others.

Batman - Intelligence and Strategy over brute force, master tactician.