It all started off with a simple Facebook game called Mousehunt, where the Freemium resources called SuperBrie was becoming the central virtual currency for inter-game transaction.    Volatile, yet continually increasing in value, it became the first asset I learnt to invest in.

7 years later, today, it feels like Dejavu when Bitcoin took the unit by storm. Same characteristic, yet with a potential to make real life profit.

Having fun in the shares market since 2013, investment are not a new game for me - and it indeed became my DAILY game which took away my time from Dota, Counter Strike, and the likes.

Starting off with only 600 AUD - the minimum amount of transaction in Commsec, my investment capital has growth more than 50 times ever since, being diversified in more and more assets.

I am no expert nor qualified, but certainly experienced enough to get you started. Simply use my affiliate links below and I'll get you started for free.

My portfolio with their respective affiliate links:
- Cryptocurrency (I mean who doesn't nowadays?) - Join at
- Indonesian Stock Exchange
- Australian Stock Exchange
- (Agricultural lending) 
- (Peer-to-peer lending) - Join at
- Asetku (Peer-to-peer lending)
- Pure Gold
- Mutual Funds

*By using my affiliate links, I gain a commission from your transactions at no cost to you, which will certainly help! :)