“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”
Terrence Mann



- Auditioned and got accepted into the theater class under the tutelage of Ardian Fantur where I built the best foundation in acting
- Tutelage transferred to Raymundus Setiawan and I learnt about theater production holistically, not just from an actor's perspective


- Encouraged by Raymundus Setiawan to continue honing my talent in theatre, I joined both the theater class and the extracurricular as well.

- Directed a play for ROSES Church Community, and it was "the best, the funniest so far" - a quote from Papi Suryanto, the current adviser at that time

- Chosen to play as the primary protagonist for the play "Doctor Rogusa" for national-scale senior high school competition

- Chosen to play as the primary protagonist for the play "Sampek-Entay" for the end-of-year closing performance 

- Auditioned and accepted to play as Saint Peter in the visualization of Jesus' cruxification in Saint Andreas Chuch of Green Garden

- Participated as crew and supporting casts for over 15 play in a span of 3 years, including musical poetry, monologue, and non-theatricals


- Auditioned and accepted to play the role of comical relief in "GIE" - A play about Soe-Hok-Gie by Indonesian Student Association of Australia

- Formally accepted into the Teater Ulat community, a church division specialized in theatrical performance 

- Assisted two play of Teater Ulat as supporting cast before returning to Australia to finish my study


- Auditioned and accepted to play as Pontius Pilate in another visualization of Jesus Christ's cruxification

- Continued contributing for Teater Ulat after finishing my study in Australia, playing in a major-scale play titled DEMOCRACY

2016 - current

- Elected as the Public Relations of Teater Ulat community

- Master of Ceremony at PANGGUNG MERDEKA, a comedic-style play to celebrate Indonesia's independence day held in Melbourne, Australia

- Directed a play titled "WARAS" (translation: sane people) with an unconventional approach

- Field Manager for Teater's Ulat 8th major production 'Les Miserables'

- Assistant Trainer and Actor for yet another visualization of Jesus' cruxification, this time for Sathora church