My Current Affiliations


PT. Module Intracs Yasatama

In Indonesia, we are the pioneer of automated highway collection system, known locally as GTO (Gerbang Tol Otomatis) which has been implemented nationwide as of today. Also specializing in traffic hardware and system development, we continually expand our fields of expertise to aviary equipment, software, and road side server implementation.

We are also the official distributor of Mandiri's E-Toll On Board Unit - sold officialy by , Blibli, and Dinomarket.

Visit for more details (available in Bahasa only)

Tokyotreat, Yumetwins, and nomakenolife

Tokyotreat group specializes in monthly subscription boxes of Premium Japanese goods - from edibles, merchandises, and beauty products. We lead the competition with a very strong community engagement and rigorous curation process - leading to the best item lineup based on the subscriber's demand.

I am the Community Specialist with a focus on Yumetwins brand and Zendesk optimization. If you wish to review our products, kindly reach me out.

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Teater Ulat

Teater Ulat is a non-profit, church-based art community in West Jakarta. Open for everyone regardless of age and background, we have performed various show ranging from small fundraising to nationwide scale such as the infamous Les Miserables.

We are always open for opportunities and help. As their Public Relations, you can reach me out for any inquiries.

Visit Teater Ulat website for more details (available in Bahasa only)

Sinergi 2 Integrasi

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